Some Random Thoughts for Monday Afternoon


This is the only month of the year that I like to see that icky bad white stuff on the ground.  I guess it’s all part of that “Irving Berlin White Christmas” stuff that the nuns drilled into my pea brain years ago.  I have the house started for Christmas and as my niece says “It looks like Christmas vomited around here.”. Yeh, she’s not funny.  It is pretty out there tho.  Pretty damn cold.

I’ve been working since 5:00 AM this morning.  I have everything work related done or caught up for now.  One pushes hard, you get thru it and then you can kick back once again.

I have seven weeks of sick leave coming up in January to get my shoulder fixed and to get the metal plate out of my left forearm.  It’s really starting to irritate the living hell outa me.  I wonder if my body is rejecting it?  Is that even possible after this long?

I need to get rid of this cold soon.  I hate the coughing and hacking.