Five for Friday


This is late, late, late.  Let’s get on this …

1. I spent a good deal of the day cleaning up as much as I could today with my workload.  I was one tired cat when I finished for the day.

2. My bag is packed and I’m 95% ready to go and jump on a plane tomorrow.  I’ll finish up the rest in the morning.  I finished packing my bag but I had to go over my carry on bag and keep asking myself “Do I really need this and do I really wanna carry it around?”. I left out over half of what I put in it but I’m still not happy with its weight.

3.  I love the Instagram scammers.  I love how they ask if I’m in a relationship.  “Yes, my dog and I are never parted.  She even stayed with me when I was in the hospital.“. Then they are usually quiet.  The joke’s on them.  I don’t even have a dog.

4. My relationship with my boss went even further downhill than what it was.  Well, it’s on him.  I tried but he wanted to be a tyrant.  It doesn’t really matter.  I can retire now if I had to.  I can always find something else to supplement that income.  I have skills, yanno?  That and I hear Reba is getting divorced.  Reba and all of that red hair!  *sigh

5. I have a welcome dinner and I plan on three on the town dinner excursions.  I’m quite sure that I can easily find places to eat the rest of the time and with our resorting to eating at Mickey Dees.

There ya have it.  Feel free to comment and/or say “Niterz” when you are passing thru if’n you would like.  🙂