Some Random Thoughts for Thursday Afternoon


I stopped by the river this morning and took a couple shots.  I’m not happy with how my iPhone captured them.  I need to take my tripod and camera and get there early some morning to take better captures.

I was talking to some guy while waiting for my lunch order at BK and he called me “Chair Force”  I got good laugh out of that.  It’s been a long time since I’ve been called that.

I’ve been watching the Impeachment Inquiry hearings since they started.  What a circus. Did we elect a buffoon?  I’ve called him “el Presidente” since the election.  Is he a crook?  I have zero doubts that most politicians are crooks.  What scares me is what happens after the House impeaches him and the Senate cannot return 67 votes to kick him out of office.  Emotions are so high between the far left and the far right.  I fear for the security of our country.