Tuesday Night


It was one of those nights last night that I couldn’t sleep.  I get that way from time to time.    I get that way whenever I get a little melancholy about something that I lack in life.  I got up, I got cleaned up, got my stuff ready, fed and watered the cats and headed in to work about a half hour early.

Driving the commute didn’t help me forget what was going thru my head at the time but it did pass some of the time.  Getting to the parking ramp and getting into the building so I could focus on work gave me something to distract my head.  Some days I think that God must hate me to abandon me and leave me as a broken being.

I hope tonight is better.  Each new day is my little way of saying “Screw you and the horse that you rode in on!” to others that made me into this.  It helps even if it’s helps just a wee little bit.  Baby steps at times.