A Few Random Thoughts for Thursday


I watched yesterday’s Impeachment Inquiry hearing on C-SPAN.  What a joke.  The die is already cast.  Anyone with half a brain can see that the Dems already have their minds made up and this is simply theatrics and partisan politics at its finest.  This is just a show for the public’s entertainment and to drag it out for as long as possible in order to better posture their candidate for next year.  Grab your hot buttered popcorn and watch the show.

No, I did not vote for el Presidente, so don’t even go there.  You can put all of the current candidates and el Presidente in a bus and drive them off an oceanside cliff to feed them to the sharks as far as I’m concerned.  All except Tulsi Gabbard.  I like her moxie to stand up to Hillary.  The downside to driving the candidates off of a cliff is we might be ticketed for littering.

The weather is “Brrrrrrrr!” out there.  That’s all that I’ve gotta say about that.  I swear a polar bear was stalking me during yesterday’s walk.

I am so struggling with my weight right now.  Maybe the polar bear was thinking “Mmmmm!  Corn fed and well marbled!”




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  1. Seems to me the facts presented prior to the beginning of the public hearings justified them. I think each side has their mind made up, no way the Republicans will ever vote to impeach, so it’s probably useless, but having someone like Trump in office is disgusting. And to those who say “he was elected by the people”, well no, really he wasn’t. He was elected by the electoral college, which seems to be how the Republicans get in office lately.

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      1. I have mixed emotions on it. I get the side of the argument that he didn’t have a majority of the popular vote but let’s do a role reversaal here. What if Hillary had not gotten the majority of the popular vote but had won the Electoral College? How would people feel if Trump and others said that she stole the election – or – shouldn’t be President because she didn’t get a majority?

        The other side of the argument goes back to why certain things were established as safeguards in the Constitution to protect the rights of the smaller states. There was a great fear at that time that states like New York, Pennsylvania and Virginia would be in a position to impose their will on smaller states like Vermont and Delaware. I don’t think that it’s right that a number of large population states now like Texas, Florida, California, New York can impose their will on small population states like South Dakota, Iowa, Wyoming. That would leave the smaller population states in a position where they have no say in Government.

        New York City alone has more people than the states of North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming and Montana all put together. The argument that it all works out in the end doesn’t really fly. Someone could put together a coalition of large population states and effectively rule over all and a minority would have nothing to say because they would have zero power and influence. We’re seeing it here in Minnesota since the population of the Twin Cities metropolitan area pretty well decides who will be the states senators. It’s just simple math and a middle school Geography class teaches and shows that modern age urban areas tend to have considerably more people than the surrounding rural areas. you can take that to a macro level by simply looking at the differences between states that tend to be considered more urban versus states that tend to be more rural.

        America is made up of people from all over the world that decided that they no longer want to live in a country like that and they immigrated here to escape it. I refuse to be lorded over by the pretender kings and queens of Texas, California, Florida and New York.

        But we’re talking politics and it almost always gets emotional.

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      2. Yes, I’ve heard that fear of larger states ruling – but if it’s “popular” vote, it’s the people voting, not the states – this is a concept I just don’t understand, because it is the states that choose the members of the electoral college. Sorry to drag this on.

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      3. don’t worry about it. I’ve heard arguments and rationale from both sides. I’m all for just a popular vote if there were certain assurances that “X” number of large states would not be in a position to form a coalition to impose their will on the rest of us.

        Another thing that I’ve thought of would be a candidate’s right to request a recount and the lengthy delay that could entail. We don’t need another Florida vote dispute since it’s my belief that it would or could cause harm to the nation.


  2. The dems had their minds made up before he was even elected. I hate to tell them, but this circus isn’t going to win them any points in the next election. I didn’t vote for Trump, nor Hilary either . For the first time since I was old enough to vote, I didn’t vote. I ran off to Idaho instead 🙂 But I will vote this next time even if it is voting for the lesser of two evils.

    I’m laughing at the last line of your post, but hey, you are not that big so don’t go there. I know, I can’t see you, but I don’t think you are polar bear food just yet!!

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