Thursday Morning

It’s Thursday morning and my organization had its annual Veterans Day salute to all of the veterans in it.  I didn’t participate.  I didn’t want anything other than to be let alone today.  It’s hard to explain and it’s hard for others to understand why.  But I’ve been thinking about all of the people that I knew and those who I know who have died.  The presentation that they had should be for people like my friend Bigfoot who died 2 years ago; it shouldn’t be for people like me who are still around and breathing H2O.  All that I want now is some peace and quiet.  Nothing more.

There are times when the gummys ask me if I’ve ever been to war and I just don’t know what to tell them.  What I do tell them is that they can look at all of the shiny dingle dangles that the Air Force gave me over 20 years.  I even let them wear them just as long as everything is put back in their cases.  They think they are cool.  I think that they are better kept in a dark safe.