Wednesday Morning


I wasn’t feeling it this morning, so I called in sick – or – for a wellness day that they cannot challenge which works for me.  I’ll return tomorrow and pick up my laptop and bring it home even tho I’m off all of next week.  I’ve been saving up most of my vacation time and I usually spend it this time of year.  I’m not going to be going in all that much for the rest of the calendar year and that suits me fine.

November has definitely arrived in central Minnesota.  It’s just a warning of what the Ice Maiden will be bringing us this year despite Al Gore’s promise of Global Warming.  I think she pretty well smiles and chuckles whenever that phrase is mentioned and then reminds us who rules the north for the next 5+ months.  I have to admit that it is kinda pretty out there even tho it more than likely won’t last for very long.  It brought me new and unexpected chores for this morning and it felt good to be out in the fresh air.

I could hear a cardinal chirping away when I was cleaning off the deck.  I quickly located him in one of my crab apple trees since he stood out in his brilliant red against the background of a grey and white sky perched on a leave-less branch.  He patiently waited for me to finish and to refill the bird feeder that the squirrels had raided and emptied over the past couple days.  Then he flew in, ate his fill and disappeared for now.  He and others will be back since they know where to get food and a drink of water over the coming bitter cold months.

I’m stuck with this weather now whether I’m ready or not for it.