5 Things About Me

1. I believe in ghosts or the paranormal if you prefer to use that word instead.  Yes, I’ve had experiences with them and No, I’m not afraid of them.

2. I hate sitting with my back to the door whenever I go out to eat.  I’ll even ask to be moved to a different table or wait for a different table if need be to avoid my back facing the door.

3. There are a number of times that I hate being back here in the world with all of you.  No one is in charge and it’s just a bloody mess.

4.  I got religion about cleaning when I was doing my time in the war.  It’s not that I’m a cleaning fanatic but things do need to be policed up and everything is to be in its proper place.  It makes me crazy that things are used and not put back where they belong.  And keeping things clean is a must.

5. My new fun thing is to mess with the scammers on Instagram.  Does someone really think that this 60 year old man would actually believe that some 25- 30 year old young thing actually desires him?  Give me a break.  I didn’t get off the potato boat from Cork yesterday.  I like dragging their messages out just to tell them “No” to their gift card request.  They suddenly stop messaging me for some strange reason after that.