Random Thoughts for Sunday


Time is going by way too fast.  The one thing that is helping m is I bought a rear bagger for the lawn tractor and it makes pretty quick work of vacuuming up the leaves so I can get them into paper bags for the compost yard.  The downside is they are mulched which means there is more volume in the bags hence more weight.  I think the benefits outweigh the detriments in this particular case.

The heated bird bath is all setup, filled and plugged in.  Now I just have to find the timer back so I have have it on during certain hours of the day.  There’s no sense in keeping it on 24/7 when it’s only needed during daylight.  I need to affix a suet feeder to the bird bath support for the woodpeckers.  I know that they’re still around.

My lil ghost guy and other Halloween stuff needs put up.  I’ll do that later today.

My snowblower won’t start.  I have to figure out how to drain the gas and put fresh gas in it.  I regret not taking care of it last Spring.  That will teach me to be so nonchalant about how I put it away at the end of the season.  I’ll figure it out.

This is one year where having the luxury of an extra hour os sleep didn’t work out.  I’m still hurting from last year’s accident.  I had to get up and start moving my shoulder and left arm around.

Art Sunday: Roberto Matta – Listen to Living


Roberto Sebastián Antonio Matta Echaurren; November 11, 1911 – November 23, 2002), better known as Roberto Matta, was one of Chile’s best-known painters and a seminal figure in 20th century abstract expressionist and surrealist art.

Matta was of Spanish, Basque and French descent. Born in Santiago, he studied architecture and interior design at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile in Santiago, and graduated in 1935. That spring, he journeyed from Peru to Panama and completed surreal drawings of many of the geographical features he witnessed. He first encountered Europe while serving in the Merchant Marine after graduating. His travels in Europe and the USA led him to meet artists such as Arshile Gorky, René Magritte, Salvador Dalí, André Breton, and Le Corbusier.

Throughout his life, Matta worked with many different types of media, including ceramic, photography, and video production.

Matta died in Civitavecchia, Italy on 23 November 2002.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roberto_Matta