Random Thoughts for Wednesday Morning

There was frost on the pumpkins this morning … or rather, frost on the windshield.  And some goofball forgot to buy a new ice scrapper last weekend, so he had to wait for the truck to warm up to clear the fogged over inside of the windshield.  Oh lucky me!

I’ve noticed that my eyes no tend to dry out easier than before.  The doc said it is normal and could happen.  Fortunately, I have some good eye drops.  Unfortunately, I didn’t buy stock in the company.

I said good bye to Verizon and am just now waiting for my final, prorated billing.  It’s too bad since I’ve been with them for so long but they’re just not keeping up with their competition and that’s their problem.  So, I have a new carrier for my mobile phone with unlimited data, text and calls.

There’s always that “one person” at work that does not like music no matter how much you turned the volume down.  I keep forgetting my Sony headphones or the lightning port adapter for ear buds.  I need to set a reminder to pack the adapter and the earbuds into my bag just as soon as I get home today.

I need to bake some bread when I get home from work.  I forgot to do it last weekend.

I’m trying to decide where I want to go next year for vacation.   I keep flipping back and forth and changing my mind.

I’m sure there will be more to come today.