Wednesday Lunch Time


It’s a wee bit cool outside right now (52*F/11C) and I’m brown bagging it today.  No seriously.  I used a Cub Foods plastic bag and it’s brown.  I also made some potato soup for supper last night and I’m enjoying some leftover soup for my lunch.  It’s also a wee bit wet with on again/off again rain forecasted for the remainder of the week.  I call it “Comfort Food Weather“.  The biggest problem that I have is I’m already big enough and this kinda food tends to make me a tad … fluffier than I was before.

Ugh!  I can tell that it’s already gonna be a long six months until the new Spring.  And I’ll be looking for and crying for some of that “Global Warming ” that Al Gore warned us about if the Farmer’s Almanac is right with it’s weather forecast.  I can just die when I think about it but we’ll wait on that dying part until after I get back from Germany.  Rhine wines, gluhwein, pastries and good food.  I’m so there.