Hump Day Morning


I was wondering why my BP was elevated until I got on the scale last Saturday.  Ugh!  The damn thing lies.  Back to the weight control regimen that I was on before I fell and got hurt.  I may as well focus on that if I am in the twilight of my career supposedly.  I’ll just do more walking around this floor whenever my work is all caught up.  It’s a lot better then being bored or drinking way too much coffee or eating cuz I’m bored.

Besides, I need to get trim like Homer.

Tuesday Evening

Well this turned out to be one gut punch of a day.  I was passed over for someone (two someones actually) younger than me.   You could so color my butt “gone” if I wasn’t tied to here as I currently am.  My butt would be on a plane and ditty bopping itself with a couple packed “MO” A-3 bags back overseas and away from this personal hell called the V.A.

Younger than me.  Wow!  Just friggen Wow!