Saturday Evening


The temperature was in the low 60’s this afternoon with nice, crisp Autumn air which made for good napping weather.  Momma didn’t raise no fool and I took advantage of the day.  The geese are starting to gather and you can hear them as they pass overhead as they are on their way to some other field or pond to spend the night.  It’s a little surprising to not hear the “pop, pop, pop” from shotguns since duck and goose season is open right now.

My neighbor has his fireplace going since I can smell the wood smoke as it floats on a slight breeze.  It’s another sure sign that the new season is solidly locked in.  I suspect all of the warm weather days that I typically relish are now in the past for another year.  It’s time to break out the hoodies and to start buying some apple juice.  One good thing about crisp nights is they make for good sleeping nights.  I’m just not ready to give in completely right now and turn the furnace on.