Wednesday Morning


I have to admit that there are plenty of times that my demons creep out and try to wear me down again.   And then there is the outside chatter and bantering from work that I put up with.  I’d like to say that I’m past the point of caring but I think that deep down inside of us, most of us do care because that is a basic human element in our souls.  We’re nothing more than zombies and Charlie Manson copycats without  it.  I keep reminding myself of my “Rule of Six” which goes like this …

In six seconds, six minutes, six hours, six days, six weeks or six months this huge insurmountable problem that’s dragging you down will simply be replaced by some other huge insurmountable problem, so why waste your time fretting about it when you’ll be fretting about something else later on?

I think that there times when there are some life changes that stare straight into our faces and  we have to decide whether or not we want to pursue them or stay stuck in the rut.

In the meanwhile, my birds are enjoying the free feed and love throwing it all over the place so I have to clean it up later.  It’s one of them reality moments.  Like realizing that the toilet needs cleaned and you look around and realize that “No, it’s not outsourced” and you get to do that chore all by your onesy.

Oh yeh.  I finally shut off that damn autocorrect.