Tuesday Morning


There’s a nice breeze coming at us from the south.  It also carries with it the smell of the dairy farm that’s down the road.  It doesn’t bother me but I do think it’s funny when I hear neighbors complaining about the smell.  I’m not quite sure what they expected when they moved in since it’s a century farm and has been here long before any of us.  I suppose they would also be unhappy if they hit the lotto for $20M complaining that it wasn’t $40M or something like that.  Go figure people.

Now I on the other hand would not be complaining if I hit the lotto for $20M and I actually don’t need that much to survive on.  I’d be happy with half of that amount so I could go exploring and picture taking any time that I damn well pleased.  I really don’t need that much I’m pretty doggone sure $10M or $20M wouldn’t ruin me or change me.  It would just change me working situation to which I would have zero opposition to it if that would come to pass.