The Last Day of Summer


 I woke up this last day of summer with a hope for blue skies today to end the season.  This didn’t play out since the skies clouded over.  But the geese were flying overhead honking away.  The blue jays called at one another with their jeering calls but none showed anywhere close to my feeders.  I sat there sipping away on my morning coffee contemplating when it may actually cool off and begin typical cool October mornings for central Minnesota.

The leaves are falling off of my crab apples trees at a pretty steady pace.  I ended up getting out the leaf blower and a yard rake some time around lunch time to corral them and get them into some lawn waste bags.  It’s too bad the gummys weren’t here this weekend.  I had a nice pile of leaves that they would have enjoyed jump in.  There’s plenty of time tho.  The most of our maples, elms and poplars have yet to start changing their color to dress themselves for the new season.