Saturday Night


It’s been just an average suburbanite day.  Nothing fancy or memorable.  Nothing that gets posted to Instagram resulting in a couple thousands likes.  The biggest result was getting the laundry done but I doubt that you want to see pics of my Hanes.

The eye doc said that I needed to stop wearing my prescription lenses, so they and my spares are bundled up and ready to be taken in so I can deposit them in the Lions Club bin for recycling old glasses.  I’m just using a pair of readers for right now as I get used to new eyes.

I was able to see at the 20/25 level for the first time in my life at yesterday’s post surgery follow up.  It’s amazing to see everything so clearly and so much better now.  I don’t ever remember a time in my life when I was able to see so well.  Each day goes by and both eyes seem to sync better with one another.  I wonder just how much better the end result will be.