Random Thoughts for Tuesday Morning

Hmmm,  It looks like WP wants to give me some problems today with posting media.  That should be interesting for a while.

I pulled a Ritu last Friday afternoon and managed to poke my right eye.  It looks like I got into a fight with all of the red in it.  No worries.  My eye doc looked at it this morning and said we’re good to go for Thursday afternoon’s surgery.  I will be so glad to get that eye done sos they’re not fighting with one another.  My left eye has always my weak eye until today.  I was amazed what I read read on an eye chart with it.  I’m looking forward to both eyes being corrected and what I’ll be able to see later on.

Even Macs get malware and viruses.  Not many but they are out there.  So Windows users are not alone.

My old MacBook Pro that I bought back in 2011 keeps running and running.  It tried to download and install the latest IOS and then got itself all hung up.  I set it aside for a good part of the summer until this morning.  I just reinstalled High Sierra and it’s back to running as good as ever.  This is the primary reason I prefer Macs over PCs; Macs are like the Energizer Bunny.  They keep running and running and running …

Yanno, Big Boy likes potato chips (crisps).  Stupid cat will eat anything.

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