Five for Friday

It’s that time of week once again where I hope that I can come up with something original.  Lert’s see what I’ve got this week.

1. The grass was wet and cool on my bare feet when I went out this morning to water the new sod and seed.  The areas where the sun had been shining on was nice and warm.  There aren’t too many days like these left.  My yellow finches are disappearing and I haven’t seen a robin in a while.  I’m grudgingly giving ikn to the new season.

2. It’s time to clean out another garden bed.  I got nothing this year from the pumpkin bed.  Oh well.  There’s always the nursery for pumpkins and for watching the kids play in the corn.

3. It will soon be fire pit time with the cool night air and cool breezes.  I like that sincde there are very few bugs.

4. I’m lining up some projects to keep me busy until the new Spring.  I’m afraid it’s gonna be a long and cold “you-know-what” ahead of us.

5. It’s gonna be comfort food season here shortly.  I’m OK with that.  Hmmmm.  Pork chops and fried apples?

There ya have it.  Feel free to comment and/or wave a vigorous “Howdy Doo!” on your way thru if’n you want.