Random Thoughts on Thursday Morning


I’m glad today is my Friday.  I need a break from work.

Just a few more days and it’s vision correction day.  Yeh, I am anxious about regardless of how I was told how simple it was.  I’m tired of hospitals and clinics and procedures and doctors.  This year aint over yet either.

No bald eagle this morning when I was out walking.  It will show up again.  I’ve seen two of them before and I’m sure they have a nest, or nests, close by.  I wonder if they are doing a number on the squirrel population.

Just a few clean up chores for the weekend.  Some branches need to be removed and some touch up paint here and there.  I also have a mouse in the garage that I need to get rid of.  It’s that time of year once again where they are trying to come in from outside.

I think my big projects for next year will be to remove the last of the vinyl trim around the house and replace it with block.  Then it will hopefully be install some LED landscape lighting.  We’ll have to think about it some more.