Woo Hoo!

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I get to play Kenmore Repairman next week.  Too bad I don’t have the uniform.  I hear chicks dig guys in uniform.  I hear that they also dig scars.

Well that’s what the Internet told me so it must be so.

Thursday Morning


The gummy are getting excited that school is about to start but they’re up north with their other Grandpa and a couple cousins right now.  They’re busy doing late season fishing, boating and camping with him and their Grandma and checking those squares off for summer activities completed.  So it’s been kinda sorta quiet around my place which allowed me to get a number of things done as I wait for eye surgery.

It’s back to finish the detailing on my new planter and then looking for some bushes that maybe I can plant soon which will survive the winter.  It’s back to work cleaning off the final part of the berm so I can layout and install new edging and then top dress it with some mulch.  There’s not much time left for “heavy” lifting chores that I can do within medical constraints.  There was a much cooler breeze this morning with dew on the windshields of the vehicles that were left outside last night.  Pretty some that dew will be replaced with the “F” word.

We won’t mention that word nor the “S” word now the “W” word until it’s time to use actually use them.  I’m not gonna jinx myself this year.