Monday Night


One of the things that I vividly remember were the older neighbor ladies who always had on their every day cotton kitchen apron.  All grew up on a farm long before indoor plumbing and electricity and they always had their assigned chores on the farm.  One of them was always helping Momma with the garden.

I’d always see them out in the gardens, usually in the evenings after supper, picking whatever was ready for picking.  Sometimes they would forget to bring the big Tupperware plastic bowl or the white porcelain steel bowl that they had for years and years when they were out picking.  It didn’t matter cuz they had their aprons on and that worked just as well for holding green beans.

SO I was outside picking green beans tonight when I remembered that I forgot my bowl.  Then I remembered that I had on a 2XL tee shirt.  That worked just as well in a pinch.  Them older ladies sure were smart.