All Done for Now


I ended up with nine jars or Btread & Butter pickles when everything was all said and done.  I was hearing the pleasant sound of “tink!” every now and then as the seal on the jars was confirmed.  That’s a nice sound after an afternoon of working around the canning kettle.  It’s the same type Momma always used and is always reliable if used properly.

Sunday Afternoon


It’s a Bread & Butter pickle making day for me.  There’s always something to do and always something to keep ya busy around here.  There are two large bowls cucumber and onion slices coated in kosher salt and ice and sitting in a fridge for the next few hours.  In the meanwhile, I think I can start putting together the brine syrup and put water in the canning pot.  Yeh, I missed the step with the tea towel but that’s how one learns.  It’ll go fast enough later on.