Random Thoughts for “It’s Almost Friday!”


The gummy girls are with me until tomorrow.  I think I’ll put them to work helping me after work.  In the mean while, I was having them watch Public TV last night since they had shows about the planets around us.  They were fascinated by it.  I’ll keep pushing the sciences and the arts their way as long as they are interested.  We didn’t have much when I was growing up but Momma always made sure that we had music in the house.

Slow but steady progress on my outdoor projects,  I should be done with another part of my new planter by tomorrow if everything goes right.  That just leaves the big circle planter to keep working on.  I’m getting there.

Baseball game day on Sunday.  I gotta get my hat cleaned before the game.  I need a haircut too.  I’m looking like a hippy or having that Seattle grunge look going on.

I’ve noticed that the focus of my eyes has degraded a tad more.  I just hope I make it until fix it day.

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