Random Thoughts on Hump Day


It looks like the Navy is having some carrier issues today.  Ah, they’ll figure it out somehow.  Maybe they’ll ask the Marines how to fix it.  Nah, they don’t have enough crayons for the Marines.

It’s another beautiful day in central Minnesota.  Not too many days like these are left for us even tho we are headed into August tomorrow.  It always amazes me how quickly the good weather comes and goes around here.  I need to get a bunch of sweet corn fairly soon.

I’m spending a lot of time lately writing references for people that I know.  It would be nice if they were writing them for me.  Do I need a reference letter to retire?  I think not.

It’s one of those nose to the grindstone afternoons for me.  I’m making lotsa progress outside.  One good and hard push and I can have two projects done in less than a week.  The first thing that I’m gonna do when I get them done is get a hair cut.  I’m looking like a hippy.

I’ve decided that I’m a pretty good painter … on houses and bird houses that it.