Random Thoughts for Thursday Morning


There’s something in the breeze this afternoon while I was out for an afternoon walk.  It was a bit cool which I like anyway but something just feels different.  The same for how the sun is sitting in the sky as well.  I suspect we will be having an early Fall in this neck of the Hundred Acre Wood.  I hate that since I’m a warm weather kinda guy.

I guess I was one of the few who streamed the hearings yesterday.  Both sides claim victory which is laughable to me since they are all politicians.  Brand them with whatever label you want to label with but I view them all as crooks who are kissing babies and then stealing their lollipops.

I get to see my Ortho doc this afternoon.  I’m hoping he is pleased with where I am with recovery.  I know the PTs said that I was way ahead of schedule.  We just have to get the left shoulder scheduled for an examination and we’ll go from there.

My Bill of Materials for my two landscaping projects is all completed.  No incidental supplies are on it.  I’ll just pick them up a day or two before delivery so I have them when I get delivery.  It’s gonna be “Go Man Go!” when I do get them.  It’s still not a race but I think you get the idea.

Big Boy decided that he thought I didn’t have enough to do and left a present for me on the downstairs floor.  I love my cats.  I love my cats.  I love my cats.  *sigh*