Wednesday Night

Well, it’s not perfect but it’s solid and more importantly it’s level.  I thought about going three blocks high and decided against it.  It just appeared to me to be too … blocky.  It’s been a long time since I worked with blocks or bricks.  I just keep remembering what Pappy Davis used to say about not being afraid to try to do it yourself.  He always said that you end up learning and you’ll do it better the next time.

I have a vision of how this will end up one day.  This is still steps forward even if they are little ones.

Hump Day Morning


 must be a bit odd in as much as I am interested in this committee hearing going on while I watch it on C-SPAN.  I think that I was a GI for far too long.  Either get on with impeachment or take your ball and go home.  We have important issues and problems that we’re facing and this is a huge distraction.