Friday Night


Damn, it’s nasty out there.  It’s hot, humid and it feels as if you’re breathing in water instead of air.  The air is thick even when the breeze kicks up which doesn’t happen often enough to drive away the mosquitos.  The evening breeze is trying to kick up, so maybe it will rain tonight.  All it’s really done so far is it has made my chimes in my garden dance and jingle a bit as fireflies start to light up not too far off the ground.

It’s been a long, long time since I’ve lived in weather like this and in a home that didn’t have air conditioning.  I forgot what it felt like to put a quilt on the wood floor and try to sleep at night since it was too hot to lay in bed.  We’d lay on the floor after we stripped off our PJ tops and then take off our PJ bottoms when we knew Momma had gone to bed just trying to get cool in some way or another.  Nothing helped and even the 20″ fan betrayed us by blowing the hot air that was trapped in the house at us.

Air conditioning.  Only people with money had that.  We, on the other hand, had the fans that Momma bought at Woolworths.

Five for Friday


It’s that time of week once again to do battle with my brain and get this knocked out.  Let’s see what I can think of …

1. “Yes”, it’s hot and humid out there.  “Yes”, the humidity is God awful and it feels like I’m peeling off a layer of skin whenever I’m done working outside.  Am I complaining?  Oh hell no!  I’m still working on my farmer’s tan.  And “Yes”, I will be working on my landscaping this weekend.

2. I talked to my ortho nurse yesterday and came clean about the yard work that I’ve been doing.  Why not?  I know there are limitations to avoid doing damage.  I’m a big kid.  She was good with it all.

3. I have a couple winning lotto tickets to redeem.  I think that I may have enough winnings to buy another $4.00 in tickets.

4. I have two knucklehead girls staying with me right now while Mom & Dad are working today.  I’m a little disapointed that they haven’t spent more time with me this summer but we’ll take what we can get.  Besides, we’re having leftover pizza for lunch.

5. The big cheese and his sidekick (my boss) have been gone all week.  It’s been a nice loooooong and quiet work week.  Too bad they’re back on Monday.

There ya have it.  Feel free to comment and/or wave a vigorous “How Do!”on your way thru if’n you’d like.  🙂