Wednesday Morning


I’m waiting for Round 3 of thunder storms to come rolling in this afternoon.  That’s going to keep me from working outside today but what can you do?  I’ll just roll with it an and take the break for today.

I finished the detail work late yesterday afternoon with a little bit of rock to get rid of.  I know how I’ll do that and make it easy on me.  I have three outdoor projects going all at the same time but I’m gonna focus on this before moving on to finishing up the berm.  This is a good time to get my irrigation serviced since all of the rock is out of the way.

I just haven’t decided what I’m exactly going to do with these these peony bushed but at least two have to go or be moved.  I’m also going to have to calculate the amount of pea gravel and top soil I’m going to need which will be interesting.  I’ll let the new top soil settle a bit before the sod goes down.

The fun never ends here.