Tuesday Morning


My new rain barrel and diverter worked beautifully with last night’s rain.  Everything worked according to Hoyle and I have 50 gallons of free water for my plants out front.  “Free” is definitely a good thing.

The college guys are doing a great job with removing the rock for me.  All should be finished today and then it’s on to redesigning the landscaping look.  I have an idea how I want it all to look right now, it’s just a matter of getting it all laid out and put into place.

And yeh I “pulled a Ritu” since I have a number of bruises and dings and cuts from doing all of this.  I was using a saw to cut up the old edging yesterday.  It was a good thing my finger was in the way to let me know that I was doing it wrong.  It kinda sorta smarted.