Thursday Morning


The sun is out and it’s warming up quick.  At least the morning breeze was cool when I went for my first walk.  I checked out my garden beds afterwards to see what needed picked straight away.  The grass was heavy with dew.  My ever faithful Chickadees were singing in my tree.  And one of them thieving squirrels flicked its tail and chattered in frustration because my presence prevented it from raiding my bird feeder.

One more day of rock removal and then that phase is done.  I can turn my attention to digging a trench for gravel footing for landscaping blocks and also tilling up the bed.  It is so compacted from the rock that sat on it for I dunno how long.  Slowly but surely all of the previous owner’s marks are being removed from my place.  I sometimes wonder if they drive by to see how my place looks.