What Are Your 4th of July Plans?


17 thoughts on “What Are Your 4th of July Plans?

  1. Nice parade. What’s the difference between marine and navy? The small jeeps have different text on them.
    I played tennis with friends outdoors despite the heavy rain just before we planned to start. It stopped raining and we could play all evening. It was lovely. “Pling”

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  2. Plans? Well, I’m working, and then this afternoon, and tonight, heading to a fireworks gig sponsored by some Fireman’s Society. I figured that might be the safest place to see fireworks (with all the fireman already there….) What could go wrong, right?

    Then, try my hand at photographing fireworks, again. I totally suck at firework photography. But, I’ve been studying up, and I’ll give it a try. If all the pics turn out like crap, then, at least I’ll have a good time! Happy July 4th, my brother!

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