Hump Day Morning


It’s been a rough past couple of weeks for me which only added to some brain block when it came time to post something.  That’s frustrating for me.  The past few days have been even rougher as I try to adapt for now with limited sight in one eye.  I catch myself feeling sorry for myself and then I remind myself that’s not the way to be; so, I tell myself to suck it up and get over myself.  Most people won’t understand but a GI would.

The garden is starting to keep me busy whenever it decides that it won’t rain around this part of the Hundred Acre Wood.  The strawberry patch is producing nicely with more fruit headed my way.  The other beds get tended to and weeds and stray growing grasses are pulled out of them.  I need a lift to my store of dreams so I can get some grass seed to straighten out an area that messed up.  And the berm sits mid-project due to all of the rain that we’ve had.  It’s kinda sorta hard to rake up old mulch when it’s soaking wet.

All in due time and in its time I guess.  I’m on a nice holiday break from work for the rest of this week.