My Place is Haunted

Momma had this odd quirk before she went from assisted living to direct care.  What she did was she would always fiddle around with the dishwasher and run it even if there were only a couple items in it.  That’s how her brain was working at the time and all we could do was say “OK”, have a little chuckle about it and then keep going.  At the end of the day, no one was being hurt and asking her what she was doing would just confuse her and make her angry at us.  Some things are better left unsaid at times.

So I’m sitting here all by my onesy cuz my niece is out and about doing some shopping and I hear something that sounds like someone is fiddling around with the dishwasher.  I go upstairs to check things out and the dishwasher door isn’t latched.  Yeh, I always shut it completely out of habit.

I’m a thinking Momma thinks that I keep an unkempt kitchen.

So it crashed and it banged and it boomed last night


And it came down in buckets and buckets and buckets.  All I hafta say is that’s a lotta water.  The downside is my rain sensor is not working with my irrigation system, so guess what kicked off this morning?  Fortunately I got up to use the bathroom, heard it running and shut it off.

One of the up sides is my strawberry bed is kicking out some nice size berries this year.  This is what I picked this morning with more on the way.  I need to spray them down fairly soon tho.  Too much rain = too many bugs which are eating away at the fruit.  Yes, I have some safe stuff that will take care of the bugs and not cause cancer or make anyone sick.