Five for Friday

Late again.  Late again.  What a day I had today.  Well, it is what it is and we ,ove on from there.

1. Hmmm.  Small problems with my new iMac.  I’ll work them out in due time.  I’m sure that they are nothing to fret or fuss over.  Just a few tweaks and we should be A-OK.  I also need a Best Buy run to see if they have an external USB CDR-w/DVD drive that’s not too badly priced.  I’ll get it on Amazon if not.  Too bad I didn’t buy Amazon stock wen I had the chance.

2. It was hair cut day.  Or as my step Dad likes to say, I got my ears lowered.  I needed one fairly bad.  I was starting to look like a 1960’s hippy.  The one thing that I always hate about getting one is dealing with an itchy neck afterwards.  I feel like I need a shower to get rid of it.

3. Momma duck has nested somewhere close by and I’m not sure where exactly her nest is.  I see Papa duck quite often so I’m pretty sure she’s not too far from my place.  I’ll ask my neighbor if he’s seen her nesting so we can keep an eye on her.

4. The girls next door are doing a final clean of the house that they’ve been renting.  I’m really sad seeing them go.  They’ve been such good neighbors and I told their Mom’s and Dad’s that when they came to help move their stuff.

5. I’m still loving the heat.  The humidity that comes with it?  Not so much in the house but outside it doesn’t bother me.

OK.  It’s shower time to get rid of that nasty, itchy feeling on my neck and shoulders.  Feel free comment and/or wave a hearty “Ho Do!” on your way thru if’n you would like.