Thursday Night

There was heat and temps in the 80’s today.  Excellent weather for my garden which is starting to respond to it and I’m loving it too.  I’ll give it another week to see how things progress and then decide what I have to re-seed or what new veggie plants that I’ll need to get and plant.  Re-planting is less than optimal but it’s something that needs to be done every now and then.  Life throw obstacles at us sometimes and then laughs at us as we struggle with how we overcome them.

Regardless, I like this time of year when I get to choose whether I endure the heat or turn on the central air.  The central air typically loses except for when the humidity is high in the house and I need to lower it.  I’m a heat kinda guy which makes little to no sense given where I live but no one said that I had a lot of common sense anywho.  I must not have a lot of it given I’m still working for the V.A. and haven’t had the sense to find something else.

It doesn’t matter.  Life is short.  My garden is starting to grow.  You gotta laugh when you can and I hear that chicks dig scars on dudes.  No seriously.  I read that somewhere on the net so it must be true.  The scars part that is.