Tuesday Afternoon


I thought these looked nice and would look nice in the window; so I spent a few dollars for them.  It’s interesting watching the dye color the water and seeing the light pass thru it.  Yeh, I know.  I’m easily amused.

The sun came out late this morning and everything started to dry up.  I turned my niece loose with the lawn tractor and sent her on her merry Army way to get the grass cut.  It looked pretty good to me but she said it looked like the great kaa-kaa.  Rather than argue with her, I told her to do a better job next time or she was fired.

See?  I remember how to treat junior enlisted when they aren’t happy about something.  Motivate them and then sit back and watch.  That and I threatened to call her mother and tell her what a crappy job she was doing.  That made her roll her eyes.