Memorial Day Evening


It was raining all day which was a good enough reason for a nap after baking some bread which came out great if I may so so myself.  Some bacon cheeseburgers for supper and I’m pretty much ready to do nothing more other than to watch the Twinkies play the Brew Crew at Target Field.

The sun came out this evening.  It faed away just as quickly as it showed up.  I’m OK with that just as long as the temps stay warm.  Looking at the 10 day weather forecast for here and we’ll be having sun and temps into the 70’s after tomorrow.  That’s a good way to end May if you ask me.

Memorial Day Morning


It’s raining out there once again.  I don’t mind.  That wet stuff is much more preferable versus the icky bad white stuff that Miss Anna and I detest.  It may be raining but I have Old Glory flying out front.  It’s an all weather flag so we’re good.  This is one day where it’s always flying regardless of the weather outside.

It’s nice to sit here once again drinking coffee and listening to the soft rain outside.  My ever faithful chickadees have been here as has my red cardinal look rather dapper in his red suit.  The black birds have been trying to sneak in and I’ve been chasing them off just as quick as they land.  I know it’s a losing battle but I don’t mind that either.

Carrot, pea and pumpkin seeds were sown yesterday.  Ten bags of topsoil were put out in the one bed and the sedum was sorted and planted.  Now I need a new hydrangea since the one didn’t survive the transplanting.  The garage overhang also isn’t letting them enjoy the benefit of the rain that we’re having right now.  I may have to channel my inner Iowa farm boy on that one.

Until then I’m just going to sit here for a while listening to the sound of the rain on my awning and the lonely cry of a train horn off in the distance and remember my friends and bros.  We’ll all meet in Valhalla one day and we’ll have one helluva time then.