Five for Friday

Ugh!  Where has this day gone?  It seems like it was 9:00 AM just a few minutes ago.

1. My mouth is sore from the dentist.   I was poked and poked and poked with the needles to numb up the tooth and canals and talk about having a sore jaw right now.  I’ll swish out my mouth with some salt water before I go to bed.

2 . The rain broke and the sun came out and the humidity came with it.  We went from one extreme to another.  Fun, fun, fun!

3.  Beater truck left me stranded at the dentist’s office when it let me know that the battery was dead.  However I met this really cool vet tho who was a Marine in the Nam while waiting for road assistance.  He tried to help me me by jumping the car but it didn’t work.  It was all good tho. We had a really good time swapping lies while I waited for road assistance.  “Yes” I welcomed him back home or I called it “Welcome back to The Land of the Big PX“.  Vet’s get it.

4. Meanwhile back at the ranch, I’ve had the battery charger going on the beater truck since I’ve been home.  I know what the real problem is with it.  Now I just have to decide if the repair costs for the AC unit are worth the expense.  I always have Petey to rely on for now.

5. My left arm has ached all day.  It’s been another month of record cool temps for central Minnesota.  Where is this Global Warming that Al Gore and AOC warned us about?

There ya have it.  It’s better late than never.  Feel free to comment and/or leave a “Niterz Jim!” on your way thru if’n you would like.