Well damn!!!!

This article here says that I can’t use the following words that I normally use in everyday life cuz I’m over 40.

  • I can’t say or use “OMG“.
  • I can’t use the expression “Talk to the hand!” even tho I’ve been using it for a number of years.  Maybe that’s why my kids get mad when I use it cuz I’m over 40 and I’m not supposed to be using it.
  • Hashtag“.  I haven’t a clue as to what the hell that mean anywho so I’m OK with not using it.
  • Ghosting“.  We’ve used that word for years and now it’s literally snatched away from me.
  • Mom“.  That’s OK.  Momma died a few years ago anywho.  Besides, the gummy’s call their Mom “Mommy” and that’s not on the list so it must be OK.
  • “Literally”.  OK, there’s another word literally stolen from me.
  • “Preggers”.  So I can’t use this word even tho I’ve used it for years?  WTH?  Oh!  Can I use “WTH“?
  • “Netflix and Chill”.  I don’t use Netflix so no loss.
  • There’s a buttload of I-net abbreviations that we used back in the day.  WTH?  I can’t use these abbreviations anymore.  Who do these knuckleheads think came up with those in the first place?

Who wrote this stupid list?  Probably someone under 40 and arrogant and condescending as all hell.  Stupid MSN.com article.