Monday Afternoon

So it’s not a great start of the week.

  • We had a light frost last night. Hopefully my flowers will be alright.
  • My old MacBook finally died and I had to finally breakdown and buy a new system to replace it and that old Dell All-In-One that had died.
  • I had to have root canal work this morning and is my tooth sore after seeing the dentist.
  • My boss and I are at odds with one another once again.

I suppose no good deed goes unpunished.  Now I just have to find the deed that I did that I’m being punished for.  Oh well.  Everything can’t always go according to Hoyle.  This too shall pass.

It could be worse.  I could be looking up at the grass this morning in lieu of down.  😉

21 responses to “Monday Afternoon

  1. My Apple notebook’s screen frizzled a few months ago…
    Response from Apple: They don’t replace screens.

    My husband bought me a Microsoft Surface Pro so I could still write when I’m away from home, on holidays etc

    Last weekend the hard drive died on my 27 inch Apple Mac PC.
    Response from Apple: It’s completely dead. We don’t have a hard drive replacement. It’s now obsolete.

    Well, now my little Surface Pro are learning to me friends because there’s no money in retirement to buy Apples. 😉

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    • Apple told me the same thing about my MacBook Pro hard drive; so I did a Google search and readily found several brand new SSD drives that would readily replace the original drive and they were fairly inexpensive on Amazon. I installed the new SSD and IOS myself after two YouTube instructional vids later.

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  2. If you bought a MAC I hope you got lots of storage. The OS is taking lots of space.

    I don’t think we get punished. I just think some days are crappy.

    Hang in there.

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  3. That’s a lot of not so good for one day. But I guess in the bigger scheme of things it’s not so bad and like you said, it could be worse. Tomorrow is another day, it will be better ❤ Go look at my woodpecker , he will make you happy LOL. Well maybe not, but it made me happy, so did the pirate dog. 😉

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