Hump Day Night

Spring is in full swing here.  I can say that because my big white crab apple tree is in full bloom and it smells wonderful to me after a long and hard winter.  I picked up two hanging baskets and nipped off the wire hanger for one of them so it would fit in the urn.  I normally go with some various colours but something really stood out for me with the reds and white.  I have two more hangers to fill and I’m thinking something in purple or pink  maybe.

I’ve had some people in the past on other blogs that didn’t understand my fascination with sprucing up my place whether it be indoors or out with flowers.  I guess it’s just something that I picked up a long time ago from Momma and over the course of my travels overseas.  Besides, my place doesn’t look like a lot of other houses in my neighborhood.  Standing out is a good thing.