Five for Friday


It’s that time of week once again where I do battle with my brain which is typically not cooperative with me one this particular post.  Let’s see …

1. I have some Sedum (below) to plant this weekend after I work on the bed first by tilling it up and pulling out the weeds and grasses that decided to try to take the bed over.  But I might wait on the the Alyssum (above) until Tuesday of next week.  It’s still a bit cool out there right now for central Minnesota which is typical.  The long range weather forecast looks good tho after this weekend.

2. I found some really cool hanging clamps for planter boxes for my deck rail and they are coming just about the perfect time for putting flowers in boxes for my deck railing.  Now I just have to find some planter boxes that I like between now and then.

3. That was one nice rain that we got.  It filled up my rain barrel up past the full point.  I have got to get the pad behind my shed cleaned out this weekend so I can get another barrel hooked in to the first one.  I much rather use “free ” water for my garden versus having to pay for it.

4. If the above wasn’t enough I have a dethatcher for my lawn tractor to put together this weekend and new arms for my deck awning as well.  It’s gonna be a busy weekend for this kid.

5. I get to see the Mistress of Pain this afternoon for my shoulder.  She said that I’ll be going to once a week therapy starting soon which will be a good way to save some of my sick time … as if I don’t have lots of it right now.

So that’s it for this week.  “No”, I don’t need a supervisor this weekend but feel free to comment and/or wave a vigorous “HOWDY!” on the way thru if’n you would like.  -)