Some Random Thoughts for a Tuesday Morning


Man, am I stiff and sore this morning.  I think that I may have over-did it yesterday doing the final prep and laying some sod.  I tried not to push it and took it slow but ugh!  Well, I’ll take a break from outside stuff for the rest of the week.

I ordered another chef’s apron so the gummy’s would each have one to wear and then it occurred to me that each would want their own and Opa still needs his.  So I ordered another one for them so each would have one.  They like helping in the kitchen and I think it helps boost their confidence and makes them more willing to try things.

My new thyme recovered nicely after being transplanted into it’s own planter box.  Now I just have to go get a couple clay pot saucers and I can get the dill moved over to its on pots.

Speaking to planters reminded me that I still need to order up those vinyl planter boxes that I wanted for the deck railing.

Did I bring a lunch today?  Guess I’ll find out later on.