Late Sunday Afternoon


SO the girls went home shortly after lunch leaving the house awfully quiet.  All of that icky bad white stuff went south of us and hopefully kept going east.  The temps dropped but it made for some good napping weather this afternoon.  Trust me.  I took that nap since it was offered up with no added costs.

The girls and I finished up prepping the garden beds yesterday and we even got out the kitchen twine and did gridded off the green bean bed for planting here in a week or two. I took th at russet potato that was going to seed and cut it in half and showed them how to plant it in the potato bed.  I have no idea if they will grow much less produce but we had fun planting the two halves and we’ll see what the future brings.

The ducks are hanging around where the birds drop a bunch of bird seed.  I thought that maybe Momma duck was building a nest up on the berm but the girls looked around up there and found nothing.  I think we’ll find it soon enough just as long as she continues to hang out with her boy froiend.