Five for Friday

It’s that time of week once again and what a week it’s been.  Next week is definitely gonna be different after this one.  Let’s see …

1. Rain and cool next week which is Ok by me cuz it’s good for my garden beds.  It’s that Icky bad white stuff that’s gonna be potentially mixed with that wet stuff that’s gonna make me laugh.

2. My niece is feeding and trying to fatten me up since I won’t let her pay rent while she stays with me.  I keep telling her that I’m trying to “LOSE” weight but she just laughs at me.  Damn kids.

3. The work week ends on a positive note with me having this afternoon off.

4. The gummys are spending Saturday night with me and I think it’s a good baking weekend for some bread and cookies since it’s forecasted to rain anywho.

5. I gotta get some yard work done this afternoon to stay ahead of the rain and cool weather.  Too bad my left arm is hampering my efforts but the right shoulder is responding real well to the exercise.  I can’t believe how far up that I can reach now.  It hurt for a long time just to lift it up a few inches.  Now I’m like “Look what I can do now!!”  Yeh, little victories are a great thing now.

There ya have it.  Feel free to comment and/or leave some Wellies in my size so I can walk around my yard in the rain without getting too wet.  🙂


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  1. Stick with those rehab exercises. Slowly but surely you will get stronger. My kids’ dad fell off a roof and broke his scapula . It was a long recovery, but those exercises really helped to get him back to normal.

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