I’ve decided that when I retire …


I’m gonna join me one of them Bigfoot tracking down thingees like they show on the TV.  It amazes me that all of them so called “experts” on them shows can’t seem to either get decent pics of one much less find one of the damn things.  Therefore, I can do no worse than them guys and I can put something like “Expert Bureaucrat” after my name whenever it flashes across the opening credits.

I’ll get him and the missus registered to vote.

Taco Tuesday


I’m always amazed by the number of aspiring writers on WP and here I am putting chicken scratches to electrons.  There has been more than one time that the thought of me keeping my site going is me using the wrong platform.  I mean, I’m not a professional writer nor do I even want to be.  My biggest aspiration in life now is to not “Pull a Ritu” and get hurt again and end up in the hospital.  Then again, the emergency responders and I are almost getting to know each other on a first name basis and we’re almost to the point of adding one another to a Christmas card list.  I wonder if Delta will give me frequent flyer miles for my ambulance rides?

Where was I?  Oh yeh  …

I’m not a professional writer but I my advice to anyone is to look around for another show and try the veal.  That and stay off of ladders if you’re home alone.  Bigfoot does exist and it’s well and living in Cheese Land.