A Couple Thoughts


I hate these wrist twisting exercises.  They hurt like sin.  Yayayayayayayaya, I know my therapist said they’re good for the arm; but they still hurt.

I’ve been contemplating how I can hook up 2 or 3 rain barrels so I can get some even draw on all three when I tap into them for rain water.  I found a great idea from The Family HandyMan on-line; so this means another trip to my store of dreams to start looking at materials that I would need to make this a reality.  I have all of the tools that I would need to construct it only I don’t have the materials. That’s easy enough to solve tho.

Monday Morning


I logged into my work laptop this morning and light flashing across the western horizon caught my eye.  The next thing I knew, we were having our first Spring thunderstorm of the year.  It’s great!!!  I love that sound of thunder rumbling across the sky after a long, hard and cold winter.  It tells me Spring really has arrived for us.  It’s a good thing the gummys and I turned my rain barrel over this past Saturday to catch the rain.  I’ll have to check it after a while to see how much fuller it is compared to the wee spot of rain the we had yesterday morning.

Mean while back at the ranch …

I’ve opened up some of the windows to let the rain filtered fresh air in to the house.  It’s time to chase all of the winter ghosts and expel them from my house.  The trees have budded and a goodly number are starting to open.  I love this season of the first green up of Spring.  I’ll have crab apple tree blossoms perfuming the air before I know it.