For a brief, shiny moment …


My old Dell All-In-One powered up and came to life this morning.  It lasted all of 30 minutes maybe before the hard drive decided to crap out and it wouldn’t power up again.  This does prove that only Jesus can raise the dead and a Dell is not Lazurus.

But it was kinda cool there for a while.  I removed the hard drive so I can smash it into a hunderty billionty pieces later on.  This and some other not used any longer electronics are going to the recycle center this week.

Art Sunday: Tony Couch – October Russet


Tony Couch received a BA degree in Art from the University of Tampa, did further work at Pratt Institute in New York while an artist for Associated Press, then for years freelanced and studied with Edgar A Whitney, ANA.

His book, “WATERCOLOR: You Can Do It!”, published by North Light in 1987 is now in its sixth printing, has become the publisher’s all time best selling art book and is the textbook in several college art departments teaching watercolor painting. It has also been published in Chinese for that market. A “technique” book, published in 1991 has been published in English and Japanese. A third book, on design, was published in 1992.

Click on the source link to see other fine works by this man.