Five for Good Friday


It’s that time of week once again and “Yayayayayayaya” I know that I’m late with this.  Let’s see where we go today …

1. I had one hen Mallard with her beau who was gtoo busy keeping four other drakes away from his egg making machine.  It was kinda funny watching him try to cahse them off.

2. The gummys are here for the afternoon and the night.  I’ll make some Hackbraten, some spaetzle with gravy and a veggie for supper tomorrow night.

3. The weather warmed just in time for Easter.  That and there is no more of that icky bad, white “argh” on my yard.  I have snow out once again and before the 20th.  Ity’s also supposed to be sunny and warm this weekend.

4. One good thing about a Good Friday in central Minnesota is the number of people that I work with that take time off for the holy week.  It was nice and quiet all day with work. I got quite a bit done today.

5. It’s so funny listening to the gummys talk back and forth with each other while they’re playing Legos Jurassic Park on Play Station.

So there ya have it.  Feel free to comment and/or leave some choco Easter bunnies for me for Easter.  🙂